MS Offer on Certification Hurry Up!!!!

                      Personal Pride, distinguished status, professional growth and incremental compensation are the most popular reason why IT Professionals seek Microsoft Certifications. We have just added another reason for you to get certified with the "Microsoft 2good Offer".

                    The Microsoft 2good Offer is still on and you can make the most of it by getting 20% off on your exam registration fee till the and get your chance at a second shot absolutely FREE*.
                   India is poised to be US$ 70 billion software market in 2009, providing direct employment to more than 2.2 million (and nearly twice the number by way of indirect employment).
The total number of IT and ITES professionals employed in India has grown from 284,000 in 1999-2000 to over 1 million in 2004-05, growing by over 200,000 in the last year alone.
Total IT Software and services employment to reach 1,287,000 in FY06.

In addition to the nearly 1.3 million-strong workforce employed directly in the industry, Indian IT-ITES is estimated to have helped create an additional 3 million job opportunities through indirect and induced employment.
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