Windows Vista –The next generation OS

This article explains breif description of the Windows Vista.

Long Horn-Windows Vista What's the difference?
I have been hearing these two terms for the name of the new OS. But these two terms are quite confusing .But actually they are one and the same.
Just like the 'Whistler 'was the Code named for XP, 'Longhorn' is the Code named for Windows Vista the latest OS by Microsoft.
In other words the alpha version of this OS is Longhorn and Beta version named Windows Vista. That means the official name for Longhorn is Windows Vista and it was named on 22nd July 2005

But LongHorn sounds great rather than Vista. Is it not?

Technologies used in developing it:
• The Windows Vista User Experience Wizard framework (For Visual Effects)
• Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation, formerly code name "Avalon"
• Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) technologies.

Pre-installation Environment(PE):
Windows PE2.0 (Pre-installation Environment) is a bootable tool built on Windows Vista components. Windows PE is designed to be used specifically for Windows Vista installation, troubleshooting, and recovery. Although every Windows Vista installation relies on Windows PE, we will  never be aware of Windows PE's existence unless we know about it.

It also includes Avalon" and "Indigo":

Windows Vista beta 1 also includes the first beta of Windows Presentation Foundation (formerly known by the code name "Avalon") and Windows Communication Foundation (formerly known by the code name "Indigo"), which are part of the WinFX  programming model. WinFX extends the Microsoft .NET Framework with classes for building new user interface experiences and advanced Web services. Together, they enable developers to build connected systems that take advantage of the processing power of the smart client, incorporate cutting-edge media and graphics, and communicate with other applications with improved security and reliability. IT offers Next Generation Graphics too.