Improve your website's user interface using javascript

Hi friends,
This is after a very long time. I was so busy now the days.
Now i am sharing some client side javascript functions. Now the days most of the companies wants to give the as much as possible functionalite in the web applications like desktop applications. & one can achive this with the help of javascript. Another thing that comes into picture is AJAX. But now i will not talk about AJAX in this article. here i will describe some javascript techniques by which you can improve your web sites user interface & create it more user friendly. Lets start some basic tests:

String.prototype.IsBlank=function(){ var flag=true; for(var i=0;i<this.length;i++){var temp=this.substring(i,i+1); if(temp != " "){ flag=false; break; } } if(flag==true){return true;} else {return false;} };

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String.prototype.CheckBlank=function(fname){if(this.IsBlank()){alert(fname+genblnk);return true;}return false;};

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Javascript Source Code for above functions:

This Script contain prototypes to extend the features of builtin datatypes of javascript.
So that we can perform more advanced operations easily.
If you want to use these features in your code you must have to include this file in pages head section.
Author: Anuj Kumar Rathi
// define error messages
var allowed = "jpg.jpeg.JPG.JPEG";
var blnkmail="Email Can't be blank";
var mailfrmt="Enter a valid Email Address!";
var sharemailfrmt='Please make sure that email addresses contain no spaces and exactly one "@" sign!';
var confpwdblnk="Either Password or Confirm Password is blank!";
var pwdmismatch="Password doesn't match!";
var uidexists="Another User with this Email already registered!";
var uidsucessed="You can Proceed with this mail!";
var titleblnk="Title can't be blank!";
var genblnk=" can't be blank!";
var albumexists="Album already exists!";
var leastrecpt="Please enter at least one recipant!";
var msg_nan=" must be a Number";
var msg_naf=" must be a Float Number";

/* Add prototypes to builtin String datatype */

// Reverse a String
String.prototype.reverse=function(){ var out='';for(var i=this.length-1;i>=0;i--){ out+=this.substr(i,1);} return out;};

// Check if string is Blank or Not
String.prototype.IsBlank=function(){ var flag=true; for(var i=0;i<this.length;i++){ var temp=this.substring(i,i+1); if(temp != " "){flag=false; break;}}if(flag==true){return true;}else {return false;}};

// Check if string is Blank or Not. If blank then alert an Error Message with specified keyword
String.prototype.CheckBlank=function(fname){if(this.IsBlank()){alert(fname+genblnk);return true;}return false;};

// Check if string is represantinf a number or Not.If not a number then alert an Error Message with specified keyword
String.prototype.isNumber=function(fname){if(isNaN(parseInt(this))){alert(fname+msg_nan);return false;}return true;};
String.prototype.isFloat=function(fname){if(isNaN(parseFloat(this))){alert(fname+msg_naf);return false;}return true;};
String.prototype.isNumberInteger=function(){return (!isNaN(parseInt(this))) ? true : false;};
String.prototype.isNumberFloat=function(){return (!isNaN(parseFloat(this))) ? true : false;};
String.prototype.removeLeadingSpaces=function (){var removeChar=' ';var returnString=this; if(removeChar.length){while(''+returnString.charAt(0)==removeChar){returnString=returnString.substring(1,returnString.length);}}return returnString;}
String.prototype.removeTrailingSpaces=function (){var removeChar=' ';var returnString=this;if(removeChar.length){while(''+returnString.charAt(returnString.length-1)==removeChar){returnString=returnString.substring(0,returnString.length-1);}}return returnString;}
String.prototype.removeLeadingAndTrailingSpaces=function (){var removeChar=' ';var returnString=this;if(removeChar.length){while(''+returnString.charAt(0)==removeChar){returnString=returnString.substring(1,returnString.length);}while(''+returnString.charAt(returnString.length-1)==removeChar){returnString=returnString.substring(0,returnString.length-1);}}return returnString;}

// Check if string is valid email or not
String.prototype.isValidEmail= function (){
var at="@"; var dot="."; var lat=this.indexOf(at); var lstr=this.length; var ldot=this.indexOf(dot);
if (this.indexOf(at)==-1){return false;}
if (this.indexOf(at)==-1 this.indexOf(at)==0 this.indexOf(at)==lstr){return false;}
if (this.indexOf(dot)==-1 this.indexOf(dot)==0 this.indexOf(dot)==lstr){return false;}
if (this.indexOf(at,(lat+1))!=-1){return false;}
if (this.substring(lat-1,lat)==dot this.substring(lat+1,lat+2)==dot){return false;}
if (this.indexOf(dot,(lat+2))==-1){return false;}
if(this.substring(this.lastIndexOf(dot)+1).length>=0){return false;} if (this.indexOf(" ")!=-1){return false;}return true;}

//check multiple mails separated with 'sepval' against valid email String.prototype.checkIsValidEMails=function(sepval){ if(this.IsBlank()){alert(leastrecpt);return false;} var valToCheck = this.split(sepval); var flag=true;var part_num=0; while (part_num < valToCheck.length){ if(valToCheck[part_num].IsBlank()==false && valToCheck[part_num].isValidEmail()==false){ flag = false;alert(sharemailfrmt); alert('Check the following email id to correct \n\n' + '\t' +valToCheck[part_num]); break;}part_num+=1;}return flag;}

// Make a string to Title case eg. Anuj Kumar Rathi
String.prototype.makeTitleCase=function (){var tmpStr,tmpChar,preString,postString,strlen;tmpStr=this.toLowerCase(); stringLen=tmpStr.length; if (stringLen>0){for (i=0;i0){tmpChar=tmpStr.substring(0,1).toUpperCase();postString=tmpStr.substring(1,stringLen);tmpStr=tmpChar+postString;}return tmpStr;}

// Count the number of words ia a string. Words should be seperated by a single space (' '). If more then spaces found then it will be treated as multiple word
String.prototype.countWords=function (){return this.split(' ').length;}