Access Different interface method with same Name implemented in a class

We use interface and multiple interface inherit it into class, then we implement the methods of interface as it is necessary
but what will happen if two interface have the same mentods with same signature and inherited in the same class?
Now questions arises from here are :
Q1) Both the methods will be implementable which is with the same name and signature?
Q2) If methods are implementable then how it is possible?
Q3) If it is possible then can we access both the methods?
Q3) If it is possible then what is the way to access these methods publically?

The answer of all the above question is below:
1) Yes both the methods with same name and signature is implementable.
2) we have to implement interface explicitely preceding with iterface name.
3) Yes it is possible to access the methods.
4) Yes we can

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