Facebook Account password mystery

In my previous post, I explained how we can play with Google account username. In this post, I will let you know something about Facebook account.

As Google ignores periods in username, Facebook ignores the "CAPITAL CASE" letters in password.

Means if your Facebook password is abcd, you can also use Abcd or ABcd or ABCD or any combination of small and capital letters.

This is a bit surprising because in 99.99% cases, we think that passwords are case sensitive (& it should be due to the security reason).

But Facebook has a different logic.When we use a desktop or Laptop, we can easily identify that our "CAPS" lock is ON or OFF & we always take care about it.
But when we use our android device or iphone etc & try to enter any string then most of the time, by default First letter will be "CAPITAL CASE" letter & use may experience "Invalid Password" error.

To get rid off this situation, Facebook has started to ignore "CAPITAL CASE" letters or vice versa to enhance the user experience of their mobile app.

Now, when you will use your Facebook app, no need to worry about Capital/Small case letters. Just enter your password & enjoy the Facebook.